Vehicles That Dog Owners Should Purchase

Vehicles That Dog Owners

True, a happy pet makes for a happy owner. We go to great lengths to keep our dog happy. However, when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, we frequently overlook our pet’s requirements. When we buy a car, we consider our children, but what about the dog?

Choosing the right four-wheeler for your dog can be a difficult task. You’ll need a vehicle that fits your budget while also making your dog feel safe and comfortable. There are numerous factors to consider before purchasing a car.

Your dog should be able to easily enter and exit the vehicle. You’ll need a larger vehicle if your dog is large. Not every model is dog-friendly. But don’t worry! There are numerous vehicles on the market that are ideal for you and your dog. This post will discuss the best options in this regard.

Honda CR-V 2019

The 2019 Honda CR-V is a reliable SUV. It’s a car that’s hard to beat, whether you’re buying for yourself or your dog. This will make your dog feel at ease. It has a low floor and a large cargo area.

The vehicle also has plenty of space, and the seats are quite comfortable. The CR-power V’s liftgate and leather seating make it ideal for pets. Your dog will be grateful for this vehicle.

SUV Nissan X-Trail

The Nissan X-Trail is an excellent option for Vehicles That Dog Owners. It’s very large and comfortable. The company has renovated the trunk of its crossover to accommodate dogs. A ‘two-way’ dog cam allows the dog and owner to see each other on the screen.

The rear compartment has been specially designed and is made of wipe-clean leather. As a result, you won’t have to worry about pet hair or dirt. It is simple to clean, making it one of the best cars for Vehicles That Dog Owners.

Discovery by Land Rover

Land Rover Discovery is another excellent vehicle on the list. It has a flap that protects the top of the bumper from damage. As a result, unlike most SUVs, the rear bumper will not be scratched by dogs jumping in and out.

It also has air suspension, allowing you to lower the back of your vehicle for your dog. This SUV is very comfortable, and your dog will fit comfortably inside. You will also receive accessories such as an access ramp, a portable hose, and a quilted load space that is suitable for dogs.

Greetings, Soul

When it comes to selecting a vehicle for your dog, the Kia Soul is one of the best options. When compared to its competitors, the car has a large cargo area.

It has a low ceiling. As a result, your dog can easily get in. It’s quite large and comfortable. The inability to fold the rear seat makes installing large crates more difficult. Medium-sized crates, on the other hand, fit perfectly.

This model has leather seats that are very effective at repelling pet hair. Furthermore, it was named one of the best cars for Vehicles That Dog Owners in 2018. As a result, purchasing a Kia Soul is an excellent choice for you.

GLS Mercedes-Benz

Looking for a vehicle with ample cargo and passenger space? There is no need to look any further. The Mercedes Benz-GLS is the vehicle you have been looking for. It has synthetic leather upholstery that is easy to clean.

The vehicle also has air suspensions, which allow you to lower it and make it easier to get your dog and family in and out. The manufacturer provides numerous options, allowing you to tailor the vehicle to your specific requirements.

A Study of Dog Owners and Their Automobiles

We discovered a 2019 study by personal car leasing firm All Car Leasing that looked at dog owners and their driving habits with the pooch in tow and discovered a startling statistic that 1 in 3 owners travel with their dog unrestrained, which could land the driver in hot water according to the Highway Code if the dog ends up distracting the driver and causing an accident. So, even if you do get a new vehicle that is ideal for a dog, there are a few other things to consider. We have requested permission to share their infographic, which can be found below:

All Car Leasing’s Homeward Hound

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