Top Batsmen From Namibia In ODIs


Namibia was not permitted to participate in the One-Day International (ODI) leagues or series that were established during the world cup since it is not a particularly well-known cricketing nation. This occurred as a result of India hosting the world cup. They participated in and were a part of the World Cup qualifying series, but the team that was rated higher than them placed a lot of pressure on them, thus they didn’t receive a lot of opportunities to demonstrate their abilities. The majority of Namibia’s runs scored in the World Cups in 2003 and 2019 were due to these individuals. Some participate in both the 2019–2022 series and the world cup series, while others just play in the world cup series. These Namibian cricketers are referred to be “all-rounders” because they have strong hitting and bowling abilities. According to latest news about cricket, the best players are:

1. Gerhard Erasmus

In addition to being the best batsman on this list, Gerhard Erasmus also holds the record for the most runs scored by a Namibian player in a one-day international match. From 2019 to this point, he has scored the most runs in One-Day Internationals with this total. Throughout his career, he has scored 497 runs altogether, with 121* being his highest total. He broke this record in 2019. He has hammered the ball with his bat for 39 fours and seven sixes over these one-day international games.

2. Craig Williams

The next person on the list is Namibian player Craig Williams. Due to his performance in one-day international cricket, he is presently ranked second among those who have scored the most runs in an ODI. 461 runs have been scored by Craig Williams overall, with 129* being his highest individual total. In 2019, he was finally allowed to participate in competitions. He has hit 58 runs thus far in his career, with 39 fours and 8 sixes contributing to that total.

3. JJ Smit 

The next batsman on the list is JJ Smit. In terms of runs scored, he ranks third all-time in Namibian cricket. JJ SMIT is the third-best batsman in terms of runs scored in Namibian cricket history. For the cricket team from Namibia, JJ SMIT bats first. His professional career began in 2019, and as of now, he has completed 432 runs, with 94 of them being his best. He has played 15 innings as a batsman and has scored 21 fours, 21 sixes, and 21 boundaries. He has totaled 42 runs scored.

4. J. P. Kotze

He has scored 299 runs overall in ODIs from 2019 to 2020, which is his record for the most runs ever. The highest score on this list, 136 points, was earned by his finest run. He is the player with the most runs scored. JP KOTZE, a former Namibian one-day cricket player, is now rated fourth since he set the record for the most runs scored by a single player. He received a score of 136, the highest on this list. Along with the runs he has scored, he has also smashed 10 sixes and 27 fours with the bat.

5. Zane Green

He is a middle order batsman for the Namibia cricket team, is the following person on the list of persons who have scored the most runs in Namibia. Green comes in at number two on the list. He has now broken the record in Namibia for the most runs scored in a single game. He has so far scored 282 runs in his career since the start of 2019, with 62 being the highest runs he has ever scored in a One-Day International. He has scored runs inside the boundary in addition to hitting 29 fours and 4 sixes.

6. Jan Frylinck

Jan Frylinck, a cricket player for team Namibia in the One-Day International format, is the second name on this list. He ranks second on this list since he is one of the players with the highest runs ever scored in an ODI. He has completed 278 runs so far in his career, which started in 2019, with a best score of 60. His highest score to date came in 2019. He has scored this many runs overall during the course of his 14 innings. He has accomplished this by hitting 8 sixes and 15 fours.

7. Stephan Board 

STEPHAN BAARD is ranked seventh among players from Namibia who have scored the most runs. He participates in one-day international cricket matches for the Namibian side as an all-rounder. He maintains the record as the seventh player from Namibia to get this honor. He has participated in all One-Day Internationals to this point in his career and has scored a total of 236 runs, with a top performance of 73. Over his innings, he has also used his bat to smash two sixes and 23 fours.

8. Jan-Berrie Burger

Jan-Berrie Burger, a former cricketer and batsman who represented Namibia in one-day internationals in 2003, is the seventh batsman on this list. BURGER played for Namibia in that year’s ODI squad. He scored 199 runs at the 2003 World Cup, demonstrating his potential to be a key batsman for the participating squad. He scored 85 runs in total, with 25 fours and 3 sixes.

9. Loftie-Eaton

He is one of the most recent players to join the Namibian national team, made his first appearance for the squad in the year. In 2019, he participated in his first game as a member of the professional ranks. In spite of the fact that he started his career later than the bulk of the other players on this list, he has made rapid progress and has scored 196 runs in only a little over a year’s time. He began playing at a later age than the majority of the other persons on this list, yet he nevertheless managed to reach this objective.

10. David Wiese

The last participant on this list is cricketer and all-rounder David Wiese, who was born in 1992 and made his One-Day International debut in 2022. David Wiese was the player who was the youngest on this list. He is among the top players overall and hitters. He has scored 165 runs in only 5 innings, the highest being 67. 

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