Purchasing 30 Series Torque Converter Belt! What to know?

Torque Converter Belt

Perhaps, you have heard about ‘torque converter’ and want to know what it is and its functions. These are specially designed engine components whose innards are tough to figure out. Unlike your vehicle’s other internal parts, it resembles like something derived from spaceship. Irrespective of its sound or looks, owning an automatic transmission vehicle will mean this component is being used daily.

Torque converter

In manual transmission vehicles, engine tends to connect with the clutch and transmission. Without this connection, engine needs to be stopped to make the vehicle to stop completely. But vehicle having automatic transmission are not designed with a clutch disc that connects engine to transmission. Rather, it is fitted with torque converter. The latter acts similar to that of a clutch in a vehicle having manual transmission!


It is an internal engine component that is doughnut shaped and attached between the transmission and the engine. Two curved blade series are present within it, with each one facing opposite direction. Space within the converter is filled with transmission fluid. The latter’s function is to transfer power to the transmission that is generated by the engine. Torque converter is known for its high efficiency as the blades have been engineered precisely to optimize energy transmission.

Its functionality

An example to understand better its working is imagining two fans that face one another. Single fan that is plugged into the engine (mains) starts to move the other fan (transmission). If fan blades are found to be of similar weight and dimension, then their spin rate is likely to be the same. Several factors allow the torque converter in being more efficient. It includes the stator that helps redirect transmission fluid back to impeller to allow improved efficiency.

How it works?

Trying to grasp as to how fluid generates power to move a vehicle is indeed a tough thing. The pump assists achieve torque control. It sends fluid around the converter that is based upon crankshaft rotation. A turbine is present in the housing. It rotates once the pumped fluid contacts the turbine vanes. Thus, the torque amount to transmit through input shafts is evaluated. Always buy premium quality go kart belts to enjoy longevity and durability.

Does torque converter face problems?

It can malfunction in different ways, a few of which is termed to be dangerous. Higher slippage levels are likely to cause overheating, thereby damaging elastomer seals. The latter’s function is to retain transmission fluid within the converter. However, it is likely to stop functioning completely if fluid starts leaking. Chances are stator clutch seizing or braking completely. As this occurs, the clutch’s external/internal elements will get locked permanently, thus prompting fuel inefficiency.

Get to know your vehicle

The fact is one of the most overlooked part in any vehicle is considered to be the torque converter. The reason is that owners generally do not interact with this component that remains hidden within the vehicle. But it is stated to be the driving life for any auto transmission as well as a major part concerning fuel efficiency. Understanding how it functions can allow you to diagnose issues arising from the transmission.