New Volkswagen Models in 2023


Getting to Know the All-New Lineup of Vehicles From VW

We’re entering a new year, and you know what that means – an all-new lineup of vehicles from Volkswagen. This year looks to be one of their most impressive and comprehensive yet. Their 2023 model year vehicles will include speedy compacts, sleek sedans, and a family of SUVs in a range of sizes and storage capacities.

VW has pulled out all the stops to ensure that their 2023 lineup hits all the right notes in terms of performance, design, and safety and infotainment features. To get you up to speed with the new lineup, we’ll give a car-by-car micro-breakdown of some of the top VW vehicles coming out. It should help you identify the one or two cars you’re interested in test driving the next time you’re shopping for new cars for sale in Houston.

2023 VW ID.4

The initial release of the VW ID.4 made a major splash in the automobile world. A big reason for that is because the ID.4 represented the first foray into the electric vehicle market from VW. The other reason is because the ID.4 ended up winning the 2021 World Car of the Year Award, besting the likes of Tesla and other major competitors in its class.

Moving into 2023, drivers should expect the ID.4 to stay true to its winning spirit while making some minor modifications to the feature package and performance capabilities. The newest iteration of the VW ID.4 is estimated to get a single charge range of up to 280 miles when driving in ideal conditions. It also delivers plenty of cargo space with up to 64.2 cubic feet (with back seats folded down).

2023 VW Golf GTI

Leading the way in the speedy whip category, the 2023 VW Golf GTI is primed to continue building on its legacy of being the go-to vehicle for the hot hatchback crowd. The newest iteration of the Golf GTI will come equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged direct-injection TSI® engine that yields 241 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque, enabling drivers to smoke anyone off the starting line. With a starting MSRP of just $30,530, drivers can finally get behind a high-performance vehicle without breaking the bank.

2023 VW Jetta

When people think of the VW Jetta, they think of low cost of ownership and incredible gas mileage. In 2023, drivers can expect more of the same from this longtime staple in the sedan family of VW vehicles. With a starting MSRP of just $20,655, the VW Jetta is easily one of the most competitively priced vehicles on the market today. Additionally, it gets an estimated 29 miles per gallon in the city and 42 on the highway, which is welcome news for those drivers that are having their budgets drained at the pump.

2023 VW Taos

People love SUVs when it comes to storage, cabin space, and power. What do they not love? The typical higher price tag that comes with it. SUVs usually cost more than the average sedan, both from a sticker price perspective and in fuel costs. Fortunately, VW has delivered a solution in the Volkswagen Taos, a relative newcomer to the VW family of vehicles. This subcompact SUV is nimble on its proverbial feet with its driving style and packed with infotainment features the whole family can enjoy. The best part? It gets great gas mileage, delivering up to 28 miles per gallon in the city and 36 on the highway. Finally, an SUV that won’t make you fear your next fuel stop.

2023 VW Atlas

We saved the biggest for last. The 2023 Volkswagen Atlas is, quite literally, the biggest SUV of the entire VW lineup. You want big time storage? The 2023 VW Atlas offers a whopping max capacity storage of 96.8 cubic feet. No matter how big your family camping trip or weekend getaway, the Atlas will have all the space you need for your supplies, luggage, and passengers. The Atlas also offers big time performance with up to 276 horsepower and up to 266 lb-ft of torque. Whether you’re dealing with winding curves, muddy roads, or snowy terrain, the 2023 VW Atlas can tackle them all.

Finding a Volkswagen Dealership Near You

Now for the fun part – test driving. The 2023 Volkswagen lineup is far more impressive in person than on paper. The best way to get familiar with these amazing vehicles is by getting behind the wheel and taking a spin.

You can kick off your search by Googling the phrase “Volkswagen dealership near me” or “new Volkswagen for sale near me.” That should bring up the dealerships in your direct vicinity that carry the 2023 model year VW vehicles.