New, More Efficient Mercedes Diesel Engine

mercedes diesel engines
New, more efficient Mercedes diesel engine Mercedes-Benz has launched a new range of diesel engines that are making a big deal about their new range of diesel engines, even though those who predicted the death of the diesel engine once Volkswagen’s emissions scandal broke didn’t bother to tell Mercedes-Benz about it. It has every right to do so just based on the numbers. In the near future, all models will be powered by the two-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel that will power the new E 220 d first, before being found on most of the other models.

Mercedes-Benz badly needed to replace

We can be honest now and say that Mercedes-Benz badly needed to replace its 2.2-liter (or 2.15-liter, to be more precise) engine: it was very loud and rattly, and it was outclassed on nearly every level by the competition. Premium brands can’t have engines that are worse than those in Skodas, can they? Not anymore with the new engine. A new Mercedes-Benz goes from one extreme to another: the big displacement of the old model was more suitable for the Japanese market than for markets in Europe and the US – 2,143 cc – but the new one jumps to 1,950 cc, leaving 49 ccs to spare until reaching the 1,999 cc mark.

Had to pick one aspect

Even if you had to pick one aspect Mercedes-Benz focused on, it would be weight saving. In comparison to its predecessor, the new engine weighs 168.4 kg (versus 202.8 kg). This is due to several factors, including the smaller displacement, the switch to single-stage turbocharging, the aluminum crankcase, and the plastic engine mounts (which also help reduce vibrations). First four-cylinder diesel engine to be constructed entirely from aluminum.

Smaller and more compact

It is also smaller and more compact than the previous engine – codenamed OM 654 – which makes it possible to mount it both longitudinally and transversally. Moreover, the cylinder spacing is reduced (from 94 mm to 90 mm) and the camshaft drive is located in the rear of the unit, thus reducing its height. In addition, Mercedes-Benz says the OM 651’s fuel consumption has been reduced by around 13 percent. To achieve this, a number of technical features were used, but most of them can be reduced to a 25 percent reduction in the internal friction loss.

Power a wide range

A number of Mercedes-Benz models will use the OM 654 once it is launched on the E220 d this spring. The new engine will be able to power a wide range of vehicles, from minivans to crossovers and even commercial vehicles, thanks to power ratings ranging from 122 horsepower to 195 horsepower. Prices haven’t been announced yet, but we’ll know more once the new models are released.
Luxury and style are hallmarks of Mercedes-Benz. Despite being the oldest automaker in the world, this company has developed many technological and safety features that have been used by other car companies. Despite being the oldest automaker in the world, this company has developed many trends in automotive technology. Many car manufacturers are focusing on more environmentally friendly fuels or fuel economy as a result of growing concern about environmental problems. mental problems. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Mercedes is setting the standard for cleaner diesel engines.