Know About the Top 5 Causes of Excessive Oil Consumption (And How to Fix Them)

oil consumption

Are you refilling your car tank too frequently as a result of excessive oil consumption? This could be the case because you pull heavy loads when traveling uphill. Your car engine tends to consume more fuel because of the inclination and driving at higher altitudes as it has to work harder. 

But if your car is consuming more oil on a flat surface, then you must pay attention to this issue. It could be the result of many probable causes that include worn-out car components, leakages, or using bad quality engine oil. 

Identifying these causes is a significant step you must take care of. Doing so can save you from spending too much money on filling up your car tank and also avoid expensive engine repairs. Surely, it is worth considering. But, if you are already noticing too much fuel consumption, don’t worry. 

Read out this article. We have combined a list for you to help you identify the causes so you can fix this problem. 

5 Causes of Increased Oil Consumption 

  1. Oil leakage 

Your car’s engine dripping oil is one of the biggest causes of excessive oil consumption. It can also lead to engine deterioration and expensive engine repairs. 

An oil leak from your car can pose a threat to the environment since oil is highly flammable. It can compromise the passenger’s safety. Besides, oil leaks on the driveways pollute the environment. 

To prevent the consequences of leaking oil and avoid excessive oil consumption, you must identify its causes. In most cases, the leak occurs because of the following reasons- 

  • If the oil filter is damaged. The debris can accumulate on the filter pan, blocking the filter. As a result, the oil will start to spurt. 
  • If there is excessive engine oil, you are likely to notice a puddle of oil beneath your car. 
  • An oil pan gasket creates a seal between the engine block and the oil pan. If it has a hole, it can cause an oil leak, ultimately leading to excessive consumption of oil. 
  • If you have worn out gaskets, seals, piston rings, or broken crankshaft, then it can cause the car oil to leak. It means you will have to fill your tank again and again. 
  1. Old engine

When your car is new, the oil consumption is lower. But as you continue driving and reach a certain number of miles, the engine health starts getting affected. The engine doesn’t work as efficiently and productively as it should work as engine components also begin to wear and tear. 

The worn-out parts of the engine give a bad engine performance. The components would need more oil to stay lubricated and ensure smooth functioning. As a result, it will start to consume more oil. 

So, as your car’s engine ages, the fuel consumption gets higher. 

  1. Synthetic oil

Synthetic engine oil is made up of chemical compounds. Though it can withstand extreme temperatures better, it provides lower fuel economy at highway speed. 

It is also four times more expensive in comparison to conventional engine oil. Hence, the point is that synthetic oil shouldn’t be considered. Paying more for increased oil consumption doesn’t make sense. 

The reason why synthetic oil exhibits less fuel efficiency is that they require fewer viscosity index improvers, which contributes to reduced friction by a mechanism called shear-induced temporary viscosity thinning. 

This whole thing can cause excessive oil consumption. It is always a better idea to use conventional mineral oil or semi-synthetic oil. 

  1. High oil pressure

Besides adding too much oil, the oil will flood through the engine in great amounts if the pressure is high. Faulty settings on the car’s central computer could cause this high pressure which is one of the other reasons for excessive oil consumption. 

An ideal pressure is between 25-65 PSI. PSI over 80 is generally considered very high pressure. It means that the oil is unable to pass through the filters and reach the parts of the engine. If such a scenario is created, the engine components won’t be lubricated enough to ensure the smooth movement of engine parts. 

Partially obstructed passage could be one of the major reasons for high oil pressure. It should be immediately fixed. It is advisable that you wait for some time after you start the car’s engine. This can help you identify the correct PSI reading.

  1. Poor oil quality 

If the oil has a mixture of oil without any additives, then it can be hazardous for the engine. Sometimes, it is also the case that a famous brand of oil may be replaced by a cheap commercial oil product. An improper oil selection can be your enemy too when you observe excessive oil consumption. 

There are some major consequences of using poor-quality engine oil. Firstly, it can lead to engine failure and reduced oil life. Secondly, you will notice increased wear of friction parts and high formation of carbons. 

Consequently, there will be increased oil burn, a decrease in the quality of oil, and a loss of elasticity of oil seals. 

You will probably notice carbon deposits on the cover of the oil that can help you indicate poor oil quality. You can also diagnose the quality of the oil by opting for oil tests in the laboratory. 

How to fix excessive oil consumption?

Many of the causes of excessive oil consumption are preventable and fixable. The most important thing is to make sure that all the car engine components are in good working condition. 

Well, if you notice increased oil consumption because you have an old car, you should consider selling your vehicle. The engine is surely not going to work efficiently and continuing to drive with the same old car engine is going to increase your expenses on re-filling the tanks. 

Some other fixtures include- 

  • Use top-quality engine oil as recommended in the car’s user manual. 
  • Look for leaking areas and fix the leaks as soon as possible. 
  • Consider getting a compression test. This might help you identify the actual issue and help you with its further rectification. 
  • Get a basic mechanic’s tool set that can help you check the following components- spark plugs, coil wires, and ignition coils. 


We have already discussed the causes of excessive oil consumption and how one can fix it. However, we have also briefly discussed how not paying attention to this issue can lead to engine failure. The engine is the most important component of your car and must be maintained properly or else you might need to consider engine replacement. 

In such a situation, buying a brand-new engine can cost you a lot of money. The best alternative is that one can look for purchasing used engines. Used Engines Inc. is the best in the business, trusted for providing quality assured engines at affordable prices. They can help you increase the longevity of the car’s engine. So, you can finally run your car smoothly on the roads.