All You Need to Know About Stay-at-Home Entertainment


From the beginning of 2020, when the pandemic started, the want of stay-at-home entertainment has emerged immensely. Although, before this, the entertainment world has never stopped progressing after the pandemic, fulfilling the need to stay more in touch with people, latest news, favorite podcasts, viewing missing shows, and taking care of entertainment of people of all age groups has become a challenge. But, the providers responsible for entertainment such as TV and internet providers assure to satisfy their customers of all age groups in every possible way.

With the evolution of technology, the moods of consumers also swing every back and then. They now usually prefer watching their favorite shows, podcasts, getting fresh news, playing games via live streaming through the internet at whatever device they want in their comfort zones. Due to this, the providers have switched to offering MetroNet channels.

A home is a place where everyone loves to relax and enjoy TV programs. TV shows must be according to viewers’ satisfaction that boosts the mood. In order to create a personalized and cost-effective TV experience, offering MetroNet to customers encourages you to consider streaming video that allows you to access the content aired on television such as YouTube TV or Hulu TV through the internet hence saving your money. If you are also a MetroNet Internet customer, then The best feature is the ultra-fast connection that means enjoying streaming simultaneously on many devices without any worries of buffering or low pixels.

The Internet Service Providers now delivers advanced telecom services like FTTH broadband. FTTH means Fiber-To-The-Home which delivers through fiber cables instead of coaxial ones and operates on different speed tiers in order to fully fulfill the wants and needs of different customers. The use of fiber cables assure the provision of high-quality MetroNet channels.

The fiber TV operates on IPTV i.e. Internet Protocol Television that provides three-channel packages. This fiber TV service assures an incredible experience when paired with fiber internet. Whatsoever your interests are be it be drama, news, documentaries, sports, or movies, the MetroNet TV  providers provide a list of channels, on-demand shows, and streaming apps at a discounted price or sometimes for free for the satisfaction of your entertainment needs. For uninterrupted entertainment, they assure you channels in HD and provide you the option to choose the TV equipment i.e. HD set-top boxes and HD/DVR to enjoy the TV everywhere feature.

The prices and channels differ in different locations. One could inquire about what is available in their region and what package suits them best and their prices from the helplines given to assist you 24)7. There are generally 3 different fiber TV packages offered by MetroNet, that are discussed below

  1. MetroNet Basic fiber TV

The basic plan for fiber TV provides 100+ channels including both local and popular ones at the rate of up to $30/mo. The popular networks include ABC, NBC, PBS, QVC, HSN, etc. along with 45+ free music channels.

  1. MetroNet Standard fiber TV

This plan provides around 240+ popular and local networks that include Big Ten, Sundance TV, NFL Network, Disney, Nat Geo, etc. in addition to 60+ HD and 45+ music channels. All this could be availed at a rate of $95/mo.

  1. MetroNet Preferred fiber TV

As the name suggests this package is the most preferred plan by fiber TV customers. The plan provides as many as 290+ networks that include American Heroes Channel, Science Channel, GSN, Encore, etc. with a bonus of around 95+ HD and 45+ music channels at a rate of $105/mo.

Whatsoever plan you opt for, MetroNet assures you 24/7 availability to watch TV anytime on any device without the hassle of buffering or low pixels. You can access 1000s of on-demand shows, movies and enjoy the pay-per-view event feature too. Surfing through channels is made easier through an interactive on-screen user guide. All of the plans require an additional $10 for technical services but the money you pay is equally reasonable to the perks you get with each package. Your stay-at-home entertainment will be made pleasurable by MetroNet if you choose the right plan.

Ending Remarks,

Stay at Home Entertainment is something we all need especially in a period of coronavirus when everyone is experiencing lockdown. Pandemic has become the core reason to boost the stay-at-home entertainment economy. Families sit together and each favorite shows, TV, dramas, movies, and web series. To watch clear and interactive screen programs it is really important to buy TV packages from trusted and secure service providers. MetroNet has made home entertainment more engaging by offering its users on-demand box office, premium HD channels with one screen program guide. Moreover, it comes with a fiber-optic network which enables a user to enjoy reliable and clear channels.