Track These Three Council Lube Auto Care Tasks Closely


Track These Three Council Lube Auto Care Tasks Closely

Eighty-four percent of inspected vehicles failed at least one of the inspection components, according to a recent Council Lube Auto Care survey. The purpose of this article is to discuss three main vehicle maintenance concerns that were identified in the study and how they can be addressed by Jiffy Lube’s comprehensive preventive maintenance program.
More information about Council Lube Auto Care is given below:

Engine oil replacement:

According to the study, 25% of the inspected vehicles needed to have their engine oil changed. Poor quality oil can cause engine contamination. Oil levels below recommended levels can increase overall engine friction, resulting in irreversible damage.It is recommended to change the oil in conventional motor vehicles every 3,000 to 3,500 miles. The oil needs to be changed less frequently in newer cars that use synthetic oil. The owner’s manuals will specify when the oil should be changed. You can prevent engine wear, performance degradation, and sludge buildup by following it.

Changing Air Filters:

18% of the inspected vehicles needed new air filters, according to the study. Filters that are clogged over time damage fuel combustion and hinder acceleration.

An air filter replacement schedule can be found in the owner’s manual. If you’ve been driving in heavy traffic or dusty terrain, such as in Southern California, you should also have the air filters checked.

Checking the brake fluid:

A significant number of inspection failures (13%) were the result of low brake fluid. In most cases, the level gets low because the brake system loses fluid over time, but seals and hoses can wear out and cause leaks as well. Leaving this problem unattended could lead to a failure of the brake system if the level falls too low.

Every 30,000 miles, the brake fluid needs to be replaced. The owner’s manual will specify exactly when and what type of fluid to use.

Tip: You may have a brake fluid leak if you find a small puddle of clear liquid (or slightly brown) under your car. You should check your brake system immediately if you find this puddle.

The benefits of Jiffy Lube:

The number one response we receive from vehicle owners who need new oil is: “I should have done it earlier, but there is nowhere near me to get an oil change.” For these people, Jiffy Lube suggests using our store locator on, or for Southern California drivers, click here to visit our website directly.

Check for Jiffy Lube service coupons as well. We include inspections of your oil, air filter, and brake fluid in our Signature Oil Change service. This is an essential component of any comprehensive preventive maintenance plan and a great way to ensure your vehicle’s safety.

Note: Make sure your preferred location offers the services you need. For example, some locations do not offer tire sales.

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