Waterhog’s you must have this spring


Waterhog floor mats are well-known among slip and fall prevention experts as an outstanding tool for controlling severe dirt, filth, and wetness. Waterhog carpets are also notable for being richly textured, sturdy, and colorful mats. They are used by a range of organizations to fulfill both safety and hygienic objectives. Hundreds of distinct locations, ranging from commercial banks to retail establishments and even private residences, rely on the Waterhog mats unique structure to keep entryways clean, dry, and safe.

According to figures provided by the national floor safety institute, more than 8 million individuals seek treatment for unintentional falls each year. This spring, take the opportunity to review your facilities, paying specific attention to situations when indoor and outdoor entrance matting may need to be updated.

Waterhog’s in the spring

The traditional

For many years, the Waterhog classic has lived up to its reputation as a safety matting standard. The classic has a waffle design that most facilities management specialists identify right away. This mat, made using the revolutionary water dam, can contain up to 1.5 gallons of liquid.

The style

The Waterhog fashion combines all of the amazing features and functionality of the Waterhog classic with a beautiful fabric border. This safety mat, which comes in a variety of colors, is perfect for both indoor and outdoor situations where crisp aesthetics are required.

The work of art

The Waterhog masterpiece, like the classic and fashion, is made of strong polypropylene and is suitable for use both indoors and outside. This mat, on the other hand, has a very unusual basket-weave surface pattern. The Waterhog masterpiece, with its raised edges and crush-resistant fabric, is an excellent option for facilities that need a good-looking entry mat to satisfy moderate to high traffic volumes.

The eco

With the Waterhog eco elite, you can reduce your carbon impact! This safety mat is constructed entirely of recycled plastic water bottles, which helps to decrease waste and energy consumption in the commercial manufacturing business. To guarantee that visitors and staff realize your dedication to recycling and sustainability, a visible green recycling emblem is positioned on the walking surface.


The Waterhog eco grand elite two-end mat is ideal for covering big floor areas. This absolute one-of-a-kind form and size fills large rooms with an eye-catching design that comes in a number of hues. This two-end variant is a recycled mat that will help your project gain leed certification points.

Mats that are wet

Wet Waterhog mats, as well as dry ones that need a thorough cleaning, should be hosed off. If feasible, tilt the mat slightly and water it off from one end to the other with a vigorous jet (not a power washer).

It’s definitely not required, but you can also use shampoo and steam clean them while hosing them down. After that, put them flat to dry.

Maintain the cleanliness of your mats

Clean mats will always outperform filthy ones. So, be sure to clean your mats on a regular basis and have extra mats so that you can replace filthy ones with new ones.

Because mats take many hours to dry, you’ll need another mat to take its place while the first one dries

Mats are a simple and low-cost solution to make any room safer. Mats improve traction, keep dirt and water out of your area, and Waterhog mats actually trap water inside the mat.