5 Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars

It’s no surprise that hybrid vehicles are slowly taking over the roads by storm. Hybrids possess a vast amount of advantages that surpass the benefits of diesel and petrol cars.

Features including eco-friendliness, high fuel efficiency, and excellent resale value make hybrid cars one of the best in the market. Many people seek to buy a hybrid for these features.

However, hybrid cars are only partially perfect. Hybrid vehicles, or HEVs, possess several flaws that anyone looking to buy an HEV should watch out for.  

And depending on the environment you live in, a hybrid is either a blessing or a burden to your daily life.

If you feel unsatisfied with your hybrid car, keep in mind that you can always sell your car in UAE and purchase a petrol car instead.

Therefore, considering and comparing the pros and cons is vital to ensure you make the correct decision when buying a hybrid. 

1. Higher Upfront Cost

Although hybrids are known for saving up a lot of cash in the long run, the initial cost of one is enough to give anyone second thoughts about owning a hybrid. Hybrids can be pretty costly, and even the most standard ones can cost you quite a fortune.

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This reason drives people away from switching their diesel and petrol vehicles to HEVs.

2. Decreased Acceleration

Despite hybrids being powered by twin engines, they’re generally slower than most gas cars. For hybrids to support both electric and internal combustion engines, the engines must be small enough to fit inside the vehicle. And smaller engines mean lesser power, thus leading to decreased horsepower output overall.

Drivers that aren’t interested in speed or performance won’t mind this issue. However, this will significantly affect speed enthusiasts who might avoid hybrid cars altogether.

Slow speed can also put lives at risk during situations that require immediate action. Suppose you detect imminent danger in front of you, and the only way to save yourself is to drive away as fast as possible. 

But if you’re driving a hybrid vehicle, doing so may be very difficult, and you might get into an accident instead.

    3. Increased Maintenance Costs

While hybrids generally require fewer trips to the mechanic due to reduced wear and tear on the internal combustion engine, they still need regular maintenance now and then to ensure everything functions properly. 

However, since hybrids possess two engines, one must take proper care of both motors, which can be pretty pricey if one of the engines were to be damaged or sabotaged entirely.

Additionally, many mechanics are inexperienced with hybrids and might cause further damage to your vehicle. Therefore, if you’re getting a hybrid, check for any reliable mechanic around you.

Keep in mind that hybrid car maintenance typically costs more than your average car maintenance due to the complex machinery of your HEV. 

So you might notice that you’re paying a lot more on vehicle repairs than you’d usually do with gasoline-powered vehicles.

    4. Terrible Handling

One big flaw regarding hybrid cars is their awful handling. The double engines in a hybrid do not improve the vehicle’s handling, but on the contrary, further reduce it due to their heavy weight. The added weight significantly decreases fuel efficiency and vehicle performance overall. 

Many manufacturers attempted to lower the weight beforehand. However, that only led to the hybrid losing additional suspension and horsepower.

    5. Hazardous Batteries

Surprisingly, even the batteries in a hybrid can be a potential hazard to your health. Batteries in HEVs generate such a high voltage that if anyone were to touch a damaged cable or component, there’s a potential risk of them getting injured and even killed. 

Therefore, it’s vital to avoid tampering with hybrids and get an expert mechanic to repair your vehicle. 

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